Hello, I'm Anica

Just an ordinary girl

My job literally energises me and I'm SO grateful for that!

This is me with my little family. I'm Wifey to the most gentle, two metre tall giant and Mommy to the cutest, little boy. Quality time with them is my utmost favourite.

Other things I like...

To Do lists.
Real people.
New photography gear.
Our "straatkat", Bella & our pitbull, Nuga.
Online shopping.
The outdoors.
Free WiFi.
Red wine.
Breathtaking sceneries.
South Africa's weather.

How about you?


My heart's desire:

to specialise in adventurous elopement & destination weddings. Can Covid19 please calm down?


Currently, available all over South Africa.

When things get back to normal, I'd love to travel abroad.

Contact me


Business WhatsApp | 0027 76 342 9760