PORTRAIT | Nicola Meiendres

I first saw Nicola on Instagram, and I immediately knew her look and style will be perfect for our streetwalk shoot in Munich.


A few years ago, I did an exchange program to Germany. After all these years, my host family still feels like real family to me. The Daschners even came to our wedding a year ago... how special!


So, at the end of 2017, we went to Europe to visit them and my two "German sisters", Anja & Nicole were part of the behind the scenes team. ;) And of course my hubby, Niël. Thanks for being great company, Anja, Nico & Niël!


And thanks for being such a model, Nicola!


Anica xx






I love behind the scenes stories with pictures showing the "real deal". We (obviously) didn't have a professional place to do the makeup for the shoot... so we had lunch at a local restaurant in Munich, and they let us use our spot as a "DIY makeup studio". It was a VERY COLD day... and we were super thankful for their cozy and warm hospitality.























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